Meine Sammlung - inkl. "EX-Geräten"

               my current collection - and sold pins

                        Twilight Zone               Addams family           Star Trek TNG (sold)         Fish Tales (sold)


                     Road Show (sold)         Terminator T2 (sold)        Theater of Magic             Getaway (sold)  


                    J.Mnemonic (sold)            Dracula (sold)               Dirty Harry (sold)           Flintstones  (sold) 


                      Indiana Jones          World Cup Soccer (sold)      Who dunnit (sold)          Black Rose (sold)


                        White Water                  The Shadow                      Fun House                       Corvette


                    WPC 95 Geräte:

                  Cirqus Voltaire (sold)     Medieval Madness             Scared Stiff               Arabian Nights (sold) 


                   Monster Bash (sold)          Congo (sold)          Attack from Mars (sold)     NBA Fastbreak(sold) 


                   Champions Pub(sold)        Cactus Canyon          No Good Golfers(sold) 


                   Pinball 2000

               Revenge from Mars      Star Wars Episode1 (sold) 



Pirates of the Caribbean                           Lord of the rings          Ripley's Believe it or not


                    Elvis (sold)                   Monopoly (sold)             Terminator T3            The Simpsons Pinball Party



               Pinball Magic (EX-) 


                   Special Highlights